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Trek Costs

These prices are effective starting from 6th of November 2012.

The following packages all includes the first nights accommodation at Sogeri Lodge prior to starting your trek, when trekking from Ower's Corner to Kokoda.

One nights accommodation is also included at Orohaven, the best accommodation in Kokoda.


Why do the packages cost the same? The cost of Trek package 1 - Kokoda Fast Track & Trek package 2 are the same as we pay our porters by trek and not by day. We feel that the porters work harder on shorter treks and should therefore compensated the same for the extra effort..

Why we do not include the international airfares in our packages? If you book in advance, you will save on the cost of your airfares. Online flight bookings can be made by logging onto: Airlines PNG or Air Nuigini. The earlier you book the less you will pay. You should also check the flight prices with each airline for travelling to Port Moresby and back to Australia as you may find that one airline is cheaper than the other. Airlines PNG is usually the cheaper of the two.

Trek package 1 - Kokoda Fast Track and

Trek package 2 - Kokoda Adventure



Cost per Trekker AU$ 2795
To hire a personal porter (optional) AU$ 580

2013 Anzac Treks

Cost per Trekker AU$ 2990
To hire a personal porter (optional) AU$ 680

Trek Package 3 : Australian Guided Trek


Cost per Trekker AU$ 3350
To hire a personal porter (optional) AU$ 580


Cost per Trekker AU$ 3450
To hire a personal porter (optional) AU$ 580

2013 Anzac Treks

Cost per Trekker AU$ 3550
To hire a personal porter (optional) AU$ 680


Trek Package 4 : Kokoda and Myola Lakes


Cost per Trekker AU$3050
To hire a personal porter (optional) AU$ 580

Full payment for your trek is due 60 days prior to the departure date.

For group bookings of 10 or more discounts apply.

Please Note: Bookings are not considered confirmed until Kokoda Trekking (KTL) have received your completed booking sheet per the icon on the left hand side of our website. A deposit of $500.00 per trekker is required at the time of booking to secure your trek. This confirms your committment and covers all administration costs and associated expenditure.

Also note that additional trekkers can be added closer to your trekking date. If however an increase has occurred since the initial booking then these new bookings would naturally be required to pay at the higher rate. Although, unlikely it is explained to avoid confusion as a result of price differences between individual trekkers in the same group.

General Information:

Tour cost per trekker in Australian Dollars includes:

Trekkers should have a medical checkup to verify that their health is satisfactory for this strenuous walk and must arrange and provide proof of their own travel and health insurance cover. It is recommended that trekkers hire their own personal porter to carry their essential at least 50 litre backpack.

The cost of a personal porter is A $580.00 which covers for the porter's pay, food, airfare and road transport.

A guide is a requirement by the Kokoda Track Authority. Food porters are required to carry your food supplies for the entire group, trekkers, guides and porters inclusive. A personal porter is a matter of choice.


Trekking to include Myola or other points of interest is not included in the standard itinerary but can be arranged when booking your tour. Similarly, overnight stops in villages of Myola, Efogi or Naoro can be arranged which could lengthen the overall duration of the trek up to 11 days.

Price Variation: Due to possible currency fluctuations, increases in KTA trek fees and other cost components, we reserve the right to increase our fee without notice. These variations will not however be charged if full payment has been received prior to any such increase.

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Phone Office : (07) 32010017

Mobile Phone : 0415 499 495

Email : trekking@kokodatrail.com.au