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Kokoda Trekkers Hall of Fame

Our Kokoda Trekking (KTL) - Hall of Fame shows all the names of our past trekkers and also up to date statistics:

We at Kokoda Trekking would like to thank past trekkers for their support and confidence in choosing us as their preferred operator. To all future trekkers, we look forward to meeting you in 2008


As at the 31st December 2011, we are proud to announce that we have taken well in excess of 4000 trekkers safely across the Kokoda Trail.

Many years in a row we have taken more trekkers on the Kokoda Track than any other operator. This is indeed something we are proud of. Our Kokoda operation is PNG run and you can be assured your money employs hundreds of porters and guides from Kokoda and surrounding areas right up to Sogeri. We have invested heavily in motor vehicles; satellite radios; two way radios; Orohaven Kokoda Retreat and other equipment we feel necessary to run successful Kokoda Treks.

KOKODA CHALLENGE RACE - 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2011:

In 2004 I arrived home one day to find our porters disappointed that Brian Freeman had broken the track record. They felt the record should belong on PNG soil. Russell and I discussed this and decided that in 2005 we would run a race so that the local boys could try and win back the record and their pride. John Hunt Hiviki not only broke the record, he smashed it. Last year we decided to change direction and run the race from the Ower's Corner end. Brendan Buka won the race in 17 hours 49 minutes.

Update 31st August, 2008: Once again Brendan Buka has re written the history books when he broke his old record to win the 2008 Kokoda Challenge Race in a record time of 16:34:05.

2005 - Kokoda Challenge - Track Record Kokoda to Owers' Corner - 28th August, 2005 - Winner - John Hunt Hiviki Time 22:14:01

2006 Kokoda Challenge- Track Record Owers' Corner to Kokoda on 26th August, 2006 - Winner - Brendan Buka (KTL) - Time: 17:49:17

2007 Kokoda Challenge - Track Record Owers' Corner to Kokoda on the 26th August, 2007 - Winner - Tom Hango (KTL) - Time: 19:07

2007 Kokoda Challenge - Track Record Kokoda to Owers' Corner on the 26th August, 2007 - Winner - Brendan Buka (KTL) - Time: 17:20

2008 Kokoda Challenge - Track Record Owers' Corner to Kokoda on the 30th August, 2008 - Winner - Brendan Buka (KTL) - Time: 16:34:05

2011 Kokoda Challenge - Race Winner - Owers' Corner to Kokoda on the 27th August 2011 - Brendan Buka (KTL) in a time of 17:50:33.


1. Brendan Buka 17:50:33
2. Andrew Yauga 19:10:06
3. Horace Yauga 20:18:36
3. Moses Buka 20:18:36
5. Luana Nagas 20:34:37
6. Samson Joheri 22:40:19
7. Cyprian Aire 24:30:03
7. Aidan Bauba 24:30:03
9. Lenny Enjeka 26:40:50
10. Henson Kokeni 27:30:40
11. Matt McLaughlin 31:47:25
11. Tom Hango 31:47:25
13. Frank Ombi 32:30:20
14. Wayne Urina 33:20:41
15. Jessie Aire 34:40:50
16. Ramsi Idau 39:20:41

Kokoda Challenge Race Records:

Fastest man on the Kokoda Track/Kokoda Trail: Kokoda Trekking (KTL) porter - Brendan Buka - in both directions set in August 2007 and August 2008
Fastest Female - Nesta Gipine - set 31st August 2008 - Time 22:08:38
Fastest white man - International Competitor - Owers' Corner to Kokoda - Damon Goerke set in August 2006 in a time of 19:28
Fastest white man - International Competitor - Kokoda to Owers' Corner - Andrew (Andy) Rowan set in August 2006 in a time of 24:15

Other KTL records:

First Trekkers: 16th April, 2003 - Geoff and Daniel Trott from Melbourne
Youngest Male Trekker: Nicholas Lawson (7) - 2005
Youngest Female Trekker: Ellie Hargrave (12) - 2004
Oldest Male Trekker: Walter (aka The Fox) Kelly (81) - 2004
Oldest Female Trekker: Sybil Dwyer (74) - 2010
Youngest Papua New Guinean Trekker: Malik Suma (6 years) 2007
Trek Numbers - most trekkers - over 4000 in the past 5 + years
Bases - only company with a head office in Port Moresby and bases in Kokoda and Australia

Attention anyone who has logged onto this page through the 'Hall of Fame' area using the icon on our front page: to view the photographs mentioned below, PLEASE CLICK HERE:

Photograph A group of our hard working KTL boys seen here at Isurava. One of our older trekkers who really enjoyed her trek. The other photograph was taken just before our boys lined up for the 2011 Kokoda Challenge Race: At Kokoda Trekking each year we try and give something of importance to the community of Kokoda. 2004, we placed a Mitsubishi Canter 3 tonne truck in Kokoda, commonly known as KTL 1 which has served the community for the past three years going back and forth from Kokoda to Popondetta on a daily basis except when trekkers are in town: In 2005 we placed a 4WD Toyota Hilux in Kokoda to add another service should the need arise to pick up trekkers from Kovelo Village or areas where our truck cannot access. This vehicle also serves the Gona/Buna/Sanananda end picking up trekkers from the airport and showing them around before driving them up to Kokoda: In May 2005 we purchased an ambulance for Kokoda and surrounding areas so that anyone requiring urgent medical attention can be transported down to Popondetta. In 2006 we purchased thousands of australian dollars worth of equipment for villages along the track which included, water containers, good quality tarpaulins, cooking pots, change rooms and other items. Photograph below was taken at Ua'Ule Creek. One of our tarpaulins was used when a roof was leaking. On one of our treks, it was used for trekkers to sit on and relax in the village of Kagi: In 2007 we decided on a 3 cyclinder tractor lawnmower as a much needed piece of equipment to help keep Kokoda Station and Kokoda airstrip mowed. Finally it has arrived in Kokoda and is now hard at work trying to clean up. After we catch up, it will be used on a monthly basis to keep Kokoda clean and tidy. Our aim is to TRY and make KOKODA the most beautiful place in PNG. All our KTL boys have been asked to find and take to the Kokoda Station at least 10 plants each when they have been selected to walk on one of our treks. With this kind of help, it is hoped they can continue to grow the beauty of the station: Another addition of ours both on the track and in Kokoda this year in 2007 has been the introduction of rubbish bins. So far we have placed them as follows: Also in Menari, Efogi, Ua'Ule Creek and Owers' Corner We also purchased various items for the Kokoda Primary School including a brand new lawnmower. However, now we have our tractor we will mow their lawn for free each month: Our latest project has been the Kokoda Airport, check out our progress:


Pic 1: before work commenced
Pic 2: work in progress
Pic 3: trekkers now posing for photographs in front of our carved signs
Pic 4: the end result, a nice building and atmosphere now present at Kokoda airstrip
Pic 5: our New Holland tractor which now mows the airstrip to allow all track operators the chance to trek as tractors in Kokoda have all broken down. With the rainfall in Kokoda it would not take long for long grass to close the airport - hence another community project for Kokoda Trekking (KTL) Hello Gail

Congratulations to you on your wonderful unselfish nature and attitude, in supplying all these necessary items to the wonderful people who live on the famous Kokoda Track. You never cease to amaze me with your Love and Care for PNG and it's people, by willingly donating and giving so much out of your own pocket.

I know you are rewarded in your heart for what you do, but I sincerely hope that one day you are recognised and rewarded in a tangible manner for all you have done and no doubt will continue to do over the years for the people of Kokoda, Deniki, Isurava, Alola, Eora Creek, Templeton's Crossing, Myola, Kagi, Efogi, Menari, Nauro, Ioribawa and Ua-Ule Creek.

God Bless


Waza Update end of trekking season 2010: In 2009 it was decided to consolidate our business interests on some land acquired in Kokoda adjacent to the Kokoda Airstrip. This area has been developed a project at a time and is coming along quite nicely. The initial setup was a kitchen, staff quarters and four huts. In August 2010, Lady Carol Kidu and some relatives of the Airlines of PNG plane crash opened our developed which we have called, Orohaven Kokoda Retreat. Oro for the 'Oro Province of PNG' and 'Haven' as we sincerely hope when you stay with us, you will think of it as a haven after roughing it on the track. With hot showers on offer, running water to wash your gear, flushing toilets, wood fired pizza oven, cold cold beer and a bar, you will feel you have finished your trek in style before flying out of Kokoda and heading for home.

In July we were approached by a family who lost their daughter in the plane crash for an area where they could put a plaque in Kokoda in honour of the beloved daughter. We thought hard and then started to build two stone walls. One side was set aside for relatives to place their plaques, the other wall is work in progress as we hope to one day have some plaques in relation to the fuzzy wuzzy angels participation in the war. We also encourage any of our trekkers to bring with them a plaque in honour of their loved ones and we will find a space for it on our wall.

This was also a very sad time for Kokoda Trekking as Russell and John Eroro lost their brother Kingsley in the same accident and a plaque was also placed on this wall as our contribution to his memory. Both John and Russell were on hand along with several of our boys who sang the PNG National Anthem before raising both flags representing PNG and Australia. In July we also commenced building an outdoor bar area at Kokoda for guests and local people of Kokoda. This bar has turned out to be a really popular place for locals in Kokoda so in the new year we are planning on opening another area on the block to cater for them when guests wish to retire for the night and the general popular wish to keep partying.

The new area will be built away from the area where we present accommodation for guests but in the meantime the population of Kokoda are enjoying somewhere to sit and drink a cold beer instead of under a tree. They are now starting to buy their beers cold in smaller lots rather then the previous trend being cartons of warm beer. Sitting listening to music at a table talking and mixing with their friends is catching on so we are pleased once again to be putting something back to Kokoda.

Rusty not known to knock back a beer is also enjoying our 'Wantok' own bar. We chose the name 'Wantok Tavern' as the word means 'one language'. As my wantok's the Australian's and his wantok's, the PNG National's are guests it was a popular name choice to call the bar. In 2011, with rents skyrocketing in Port Moresby due to the economic growth of 'Mining' and the new 'Gas' project, we decided to build a place where we could operate from.

We ended up renovating an old boy house (domestic quarters). We now have an office, grounds to park our vehicles and a large two bedroom home.

It still has a few things that need attention but is ready to operate come the 2012 trekking season.

What will 2012 bring, well we will just have to wait and see what we come up with.

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Total number of treks: 786

Private Trek - Kokoda Adventure Trek

Date: 31 July 2013 - 7 August 2013

Private Trek. Local Guided. This trek will commence in Kokoda on the 31st July 2013. Trekkers will overnight at 'Orohaven Kokoda Retreat' as our guests prior to commencing your walk on the 1st of August. The Trek will finish when you walk off the track at Ower's Corner on the on the 7th August 2013. Trek 937 - Guide Clement Harika

List of Trekkers:

1. Michael Pace + Requires a porter - Clement Harika - Paid in Full

2. Steven Rafter + Requires a porter - Roget Hango - Paid in Full

Food Porters;

Kingsley Eroro; James Suma; David Idau

Flight Details Michael Pace & Steven Rafter

Arrive : Flight VA 191, Tuesday 30th July, 13:15 (1:15pm)

Depart : Flight VA4190, Thursday 8th August, 1400 (2:00pm)

Plus Require 2 tents

Plus Require 2 Backpacks
Kokoda Adventure Trek Owers' Corner to Kokoda

Date: 25 July 2013 - 31 July 2013

Open Trek. PNG Guided.This trek has been designed so that you commence your trek on the 25th of July 2013 from Ower's Corner and walk off the track in Kokoda on the 30th of July 2013 where you will overnight as our special guests at Orohaven Kokoda Retreat. The following day 31st of July 2013 you will be flown back to Port Moresby. Trek 904 - Guide Dudley Bubura:

List of Trekkers:

1. Sue Hogg - Paid in Full 16/05/2013

2. Neil Sherritt - Paid in Full 16/05/2013

Flight Details:Sue & her father Neil - VA 4191 - 24 Jul 2013 - BNE-POM 10:00 - arriving 13:15 - Returning: 31 Jul 2013 at 14:00

Food Porters: Kingsford Aire; Kennedy Aisi

This trek offers one night's accommodation before your trek at Sogeri Lodge. On the day you walk off the track you will be back in Port Moresby before midday so can catch the flight back to Australia the same day.

Click here to book!

Why not relax after your trek at Loloata Island Dive Resort - Click here to learn more.

Online flight bookings can be made by logging onto: Airlines PNG or Air Nuigini. The earlier you book the less you will pay. You should also check the flight prices with each airline for travelling to Port Moresby and back to Australia as you may find that one airline is cheaper than the other. Airlines PNG is usually the cheaper of the two.
Private Trek - Kokoda Adventure Trek

Date: 22 July 2013 - 26 July 2013

Private Trek. Local Guided. On the morning of the 22nd July you will be flown over to Popondetta and will be met by your guide and driven up to Kokoda for the commencement of your trek. On the 26th July you will walk off the track at Owers' Corner and will be driven via Bomana War Cemetery back to Port Moresby - Trek 936 - Guide Horace Yauga.

List Trekker

1. Steven Horne + Personal Porter - Chris Yauga

Food Porter: Jerry Imaita

Flight Details:

Steven Horne

Arrive : 21 July at 1535
AUSTRALIAN Guided Trek Ower's to Kokoda

Date: 19 July 2013 - 26 July 2013

Australian guided trek Trek : 854. This trek has been changed around due to aircraft movements. Trekkers will now be flown into Kokoda on a charter on the 19th July to commence their trek. The trek will finish when trekkers walk off the track on the 26th July at Owers' Corner. - Guide Patiare (Pat) Vainerere


List of Trekkers:

1. Guide - Pat Vainerere + Requires a porter - Clement Harika

2. Anthony Smith + Requires a porter - Webber Okove - Paid in Full 25/02/2013

3. Steven Malseed + Requires a porter - Duggie Eroro - Paid in Full 19/04/2013

4. Steve Malone - Paid in Full 09/07/2013

5. Alice Kempe + Requires a porter - Grayford Enjeka - Paid in Full 16/05/2013

6. Dawn Love + Requires a porter - Ivan Semie - Paid in Full 31/05/2013

7. Julie Ferguson + Requires a porter - Lancelot Geroia - Paid in Full 31/05/2013

8. Emma charters + Requires a porter - Gary Juary - Meal Plan: Vegetarian - Paid in Full 17/07/2013

9. Rafe britton + Requires a porter - Ramsy Idau - Paid in Full 17/07/2013

Food Porters: Lenny Enjeka; Sione Orosambo; Terry Idau; Trothimas Orimba; Saku Idau; Chris Lahai; David Idau



Julie Ferguson & Dawn Love Require Back Pack & Tent each

Trekker Flight Details:

Alice: I arrive in Port Moresby on 18 July at 1:15 pm on Virgin flight VA4191. On departure I am travelling from Port Moresby to Madang with my flight departing at 4:55pm on 26 July.

Steve Malone - arrive 18th July - 1:15pm

Anthony Smith & Steve Malseed Flight Details

Arrive : Flight QF197, 18th July, 15:50 (3:50pm)

Depart : Flight QF198, 26th July, 18:45 (6:45pm)

Emma charters & Rafe Britton Flight Details

Arrive : Flight QF197, 18th July, 15:50 (3:50pm)

Depart : Flight QF350, 4th August, 8:00am

Dawn Love & Julie Ferguson

Arrive : Flight Virgin, 18th July, 1:15pm

Depart : Flight Virgin, 26th July, 2.00 pm

Update:Due to circumstances beyond our control, Shane Thomas will not be the guide on this trek. Pat Vainirere (Black Belt 5th Dan) will be taking out this trek along with all the usual boys who have been trained to walk on Shane's treks. Clement will walk as Pat's personal porter and his 2IC.
Private - Kokoda Adventure Trek

Date: 12 July 2013 - 19 July 2013

Private Trek. PNG Guided.This trek has been designed so that you commence your trek on the 12th of July 2013 from Ower's Corner and walk off the track in Kokoda on the 18th of July 2013 where you will overnight as our special guests at Orohaven Kokoda Retreat. The following day 19th of July 2013 you will be flown back to Port Moresby via Charter Flight. Trek 914 - Guide Wayne Urina Tihime:

List of Trekkers:

1. Sue Ollington - Paid in Full

2. Ross Abraham - Paid in Full

3. Kathy Abraham - Paid in Full

4. Cathy Dalgarno + Requires a porter - Jessie Aire - Paid in Full

5. Meg Kollen + Requires a porter - Chris Orimba - Paid in Full

6. Veeg Campbell + Requires a porter - Eric Uwea - Paid in Full

7. Pru Blamire - Paid in Full

8. Brad Whittington + Shared Porter with Scott Williams - Roland Ogo - Paid in Full-employed another personal porter McKenzie Didime on the track

9. Dale Griffiths + Requires a porter - Arnold Jinga - Paid in Full

10. John Ollington - Paid in Full

11. Jaaden Abraham - Paid in Full - employed a personal porter Cliff Taimbari on the track

12. David Blamire - Paid in Full

13. Scott Williams + Shared personal porter with Brad Whittington - Deshon Harika - Paid in Full

14. Kerri Townsend + Requires a porter - Kingsley Boropi - Paid in Full

Food Porters: Tommy Bareo; Timothy Kenda; Romney Awoki; Fabian Mabia; Arnold Wambot; Henry Kageni; Raynold Angure

Brad Whttington & Scott Williams Require backpack and Tent.

Kerri Townsend Requires Backpack & Tent

Day 1 - 12th July Arrive and bus direct to Ower's Corner - Goldie

Day 2 - 13th July Ofi Creek

Day 3 - 14th July Menari

Day 4 - 15th July Efogi 2

Day 5 - 16th July Templetons crossing

Day 6 - 17th July Isurava

Day 7 - 18th July Kokoda

Day 8 - 19th July Early flight back to Moresby to catch the flight to Brisbane

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