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Kokoda Package 2: Kokoda Adventure Package

Duration: 9 days / 8 nights

Remember this package includes one nights accommodation at Sogeri Lodge prior to starting your trek, when trekking from Ower's Corner to Kokoda.

Suitable for the trekker who would like to take it easier and see/experience Kokoda in more time.

Day 1: POM - KOKODA - The first night will be at Orohaven Kokoda or Pija Retreat. You will love the pizza. The following morning, you will begin your trek around 7 am in the morning.

Day 2: KOKODA - ISURAVA - It is here that the reality hits you - the Kokoda Trail will not be easy. It is quite steep at the beginning; however, do not throw in the towel yet. After about five hours walk, you arrive at Isurava. It was the site of a significant World War II battle and now one of the most - sacred sites along the trail. Here, you enjoy panoramic views of the Kokoda and Yodda valleys then overnight at the village guest house.

Day 3: ISURAVA - IORA CREEK - We set off for the next village of Alola, and on to Iora Creek, where we overnight.

Day 4: IORA CREEK - TEMPLETON'S CROSSING - Today starts with a steep climb, then a descent, to Templeton's Crossing where we spend the night under the forest canopy and the gentle voice of the Iora Creek splashing against the rocks. Trout fishing is available for those who have fishing lines.

Day 5: TEMPLETON'S CROSSING - 1900 - Day 5 begins with another climb up and down, another crossing of Iora Creek, and then a climb to the top of Mount Bellamy, the highest point of the Kokoda Trail. You will then descend down to 1900 which is a beautiful little campsite where you will spend the night relaxing by the fire.

Day 6: 1900 - MENARI - We start early with a walk to the Naduri, descend to the creek, and then ascend to Efogi No. 2 village. Then we descend to Efogi, where we rest and collect our pre - arranged food drop. From here, we climb up to Brigade Hill - which together with Isurava is one of the most - sacred sites of the Kokoda Trail - and then descend to Menari village where we spend the night.

Day 7: MENARI - NAORO - We start with a steep hill and are rewarded from the summit with fine views of Menari. We make a muddy, swampy, and at times leech - infested trek to the Brown River, which we must cross with care especially if in flood. We walk on to Naoro where we overnight.

Day 8: NAORO - VA'ULE CREEK - We start by climbing the heartbreaking false peaks of Maguli Ridge (you can count them yourself). We descend to Ofi Creek for a well - deserved break, make another climb to Ioribaiwa Ridge, and then descend to Va' Ule Creek where we spend our last night.

Day 9: VA'ULE CREEK - OWERS' CORNER - Our last hard grind up the Imita Ridge, and then descend the 'Golden Stairs' to the Goldie River. A last refreshing dip before climbing up to Owers' Corner.

The Cost of Local Guided Trek Packages are the same.


Cost per Trekker AU$ 2895
To hire a personal porter (optional) AU$ 580

2017 Anzac Treks

Cost per Trekker AU$ 2990
To hire a personal porter (optional) AU$ 680

If you book a in advance online at Airlines PNG you will pay around AUD$ 500 for a return ticket to Port Moesby from Brisbane.

Click here to compare accommodation in Port Moresby, if you require additional accommodation before or after your trek.

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